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As soon as you arrive you start feeling the change of ambiance because this place is surrounded by mountains.

Curves and cool breeze welcome our presence as we hike our way on what seems to be an innite trail towards the mountains of Yauco.

Adventure and the passion to find out about wonderful places from where I can take a good photograph and experience was what led me last Wednesday, February 18, 2015, to visit the town of Guánica, Puerto Rico. A town full of history, what your mind can and cannot imagine, and spectacular scenery!

The west of Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful beaches. In the town of Cabo Rojo we found a long coastline of white sand and crystal clear waters better known as Buyé. It is said that its name comes from a pirate known as Juan Bautista Buyé who lived near the beach.

There is no doubt that one of the best advantages of living in Puerto Rico is that every day is summer. We have a large variety of heavenly beaches ready to be enjoyed by all those adventurous admirers of Caribbean beauty.

When I was invited to spend the day on San Ildefonso Island at Culebra to see its spectacular beaches and reefs, I did not think twice about accepting and preparing my bag and my camera.

The commercial adventures industry that we know today, specifically Canopy Tour, has a history that dates back to the early 20th century. Puerto Rico as well as other disciplines such as artists and scientists, also has an exquisite and above all professional history regarding the evolution of the industry that we know as Ecotourism or Adventure Tourism.

It was one of those days that we wanted to go out and venture aimlessly. We decided to visit the south of the island when someone said, “That's my tree,” the famous lone tree in Salinas. Perfect. Let’s go with him. That’s where our adventure began. After about 30 minutes going up the mountain, we encountered a spectacular view of the Cayey sierra with its famous tits and the beautiful view of the Caribbean ocean overlooking the Bay of Jobos and Caja de Muertos in the background.

Located in Orocovis, this state forest extends through the municipalities of Ponce, Juana Díaz, Villalba, Jayuya, and Ciales.

Going kayaking from the El Tuque coast in Ponce to the Ratones Key is an adventure not to be missed. Our journey began at nine in the morning while the sun’s morning rays were still warm and the sea was calm.

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