Arecibo, a potential paradise


Arecibo is one of the largest towns in Puerto Rico. Bathed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, distinguished by its historical buildings that have a spanish past, many people still don’t know the many wonders that this town has to offer. Founded in 1616, Captain Correa’s village is also known as Arasibo because of its taino origins. Rich in flora, its scenery, both in the countryside and in the beach, will leave you breathless.

It also has many extreme sports which you can practice, such as: mountain climbing, kayaking in Dos Bocas Lake, skating or riding BMX in the Arecibo Skate Park, visiting the only surfing and body boarding in Casipesca beach or sliding in your body board through the big waves of Islote’s coasts. Also, you can enjoy a bike ride through the Cambalache Forest’s trails, visit Cabra Loca’s paragliding school and see Arecibo from the highest point, practice downhill skate through all of Arecibo, visit the racetrack for car racing enthusiast, or participate in fishing tournaments. You can also enjoy a kayak trip through the Cueva Oscura of the Tanamá River and its spectacular view at the end of the tunnel. Arecibo has been the host for many international competitions of different sports.

There’s been: body boarding competitions in the big waves of la Marginal or the Paseo Víctor Rojas, skydiving festivals where hundreds of skydivers from different parts of the world get together, and motocross competitions in the Manuel Petaca Iguina coliseum, home of the actual basketball champions of Puerto Rico, the Captains. As a tourist attraction, we have Cueva Ventana where you can see Arecibo and Utuado’s landscape from more than 1, 000 feet of altitude through a rocky formation with an incredible view. On the other hand, we have the Cueva del Indio in the Islote neighborhood where they’ve filmed many movies. This cave lets you see Indian traces, as well as it lets you enjoy a rocky arc of 60 feet and the greenery from the surroundings. If astronomy is your thing, Arecibo gives you the opportunity to explore space in the world’s biggest radio telescope: The Arecibo Observatory.

To enjoy the tranquility, I recommend the Cambalache Forest with its butterfly trails. There you can bike ride through the trails or go camping, either way you’ll get a perfect mental break. In Lago Dos Bocas you can practice passive fishing and even eat at a restaurant located at the other side of the lake. You can also enjoy the impressive start of the Río Grande de Arecibo, home to the Ceti Festival, in which you can enjoy whale and dolphin sightings from any coastal part between the months of December and April. Other places that you can’t miss are the Muelle Bay and the Arecibo Lighthouse, constructed in 1898 by the Spaniards. This city has lots of history in each corner; come and enjoy it.