Patillas: Puerto Rico’s Surfing Capital of the South and Southeast


Patillas, better known as the Southern Esmerald, is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Puerto Rico. In this town you can enjoy every kind of natural ecosystem such as forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, etc. Of course, we can’t forget about our beaches and the surf, when we think about Patillas. This town has 7 perfect spots for going surfing. The best time for this is during Puerto Rico’s hurricane season: between the months of June and November.

During the rest of the year, the best conditions to ride waves are with the wind swells that enter from the south and south-east. It’s important to remember that, although the different spots share the same swell and running season, it doesn’t mean that the waves have the same size and difficulty. The first spot on our countdown is “El Channel” which is a reef break where the waves break strongly to the right, with ramps and pipes; it’s the most consistent beach in the area. The preferred spot by the locals is “La Escuelita”, a reef break where the waves break strongly to the left, with great size and a tube that, when it’s at its best, makes you compare it with “Chatarra” beach.

Patillas’ hardcore place is “Las Canallas”. Its name says it all; it’s a reef break that breaks to the left with great force, speed and an incredible tube. A wave with great potential is “El Jon”, a reef break that breaks to the left and that the locals describe as the “Inches with steroids” because of its great force, speed, size, tube and because it’s one of the longest rides. Patillas’ most well-known beach is “Inches”, a reef break that breaks to the left; it’s perfect, of easy-access and long duration. The least visited point is “La Curva” because, to get to it, you have to walk quite a bit. It has a rocky bottom, breaks to the left and it’s of long duration.

Finally, our last stop is the area’s only shore break with a sandy bottom that’s known as “Las Lajas”. It breaks to the left and to the right with great force and tube. In all of these beaches you can enjoy and practice sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, stand up paddle boarding, and many more, in a surrounding filled with local hospitality. Also, while you run the wave you can enjoy a great panoramic view. All of these places distinguish Patillas as Puerto Rico’s surfing capital of the south and southeast.