Sea Trek Now in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico can now enjoy one of the most innovative and safe activities in the dive industry, Sea Trek. Created by Sub Sea Systems, this activity can be enjoyed by all who want to explore the underwater world. Located at the Escambrón beach behind the Caribe Hilton, anyone who can breathe, walk and is over 8 years old is qualified to participate in Sea Trek. Even those who are non swimmers are welcomed. Slowly becoming one of Puerto Rico’ stop attractions, Sea Trek is now ready to take visitors and explore the underwater universe. Brought to Puerto Rico by Aqua Adventure, Sea Trek now forms part of the options that Aqua Adventure offers to the thrill seekers of adventure and love for the sea. Sea Trek consists of an underwater walking tour in which the participant uses a dive helmet that provides a continuous flow of air. Without the help of a traditional SCUBA tank, visitors can explore the underwater world at a depth of 15 feet surrounded by incredible marine life.

Thru out the Sea Trek adventure you will have the opportunity to interact with a great diversity of tropical fish and other marine life. The entire tour last’s about an hour, in which you will receive a required safety briefing and the actual underwater walking tour. Sea Trek is an adventure that already exists in other tourism destinations like: Mexico, Jamaica, Aruba, Turks and Caicos, St. Martin, Dominican Republic, St.Lucia, Japan, Malaysia, China and the United States. Sea Trek now makes Puerto Rico a more competitive attraction among these great locations for our local and international visitors. Sea Trek has been described to be the closest activity to walking in zero gravity on the moon! Your movements are done effortlessly and slowly. Sea Trek will definitely fulfill your needs to explore the underwater universe and beyond.