Skateboarding in Puerto Rico


Skateboarding is…a sport?, a game with skates?, or a way of life? The real answer to this unknown is hard to pin-point; it all depends to who you ask the question. If we ask any common person, maybe he or she will tell you that it’s a kid’s game or a felon’s way of damaging and vandalizing public and private places. But what these people don’t know is that this game with a skate goes a lot deeper to what they can see. Skateboarding, more than an extreme sport, is a way of life.

It separates from sports and it turns into art, relief, inspiration, dreams, pain, hope, discipline, education, love, and many more things. The feeling experienced when you achieve a hard trick in a hard place is something unique that you can only value by being in that person’s shoes. As a sport, it still doesn’t have much support, but we hope that the government and the private industry join this great movement that helps our youth to have fun options for their entertainment. Most of the events that have been done lately come from skateboarders initiatives with collaborations from some stores and brands that provide products for the awards ceremonies. This helps to recognize that this industry grows and strengthens more each day.

We have to acknowledge that, in some towns, there’s been an initiative to build skate parks such as in Cabo Rojo, where they’re finalizing Puerto Rico’s first “Skate Plaza”, a park that’s at level with those in the United States. Aguadilla and Quebradillas also have good cement parks and others such as Arecibo, have ramps. Hopefully these initiatives keep emerging so that this sport or “scene”, as we call it, keeps growing and reaches a professional level. Something that many people don’t know is that skateboarding is also an industry that generates jobs, athletes and attracts tourism. So, GO Skate Puerto Rico! It’s never late to start skating!