Camping is a complete adventure


Imagine spending a weekend in the tops of the mountains of the Central Range in Puerto Rico with a group of friends, surrounded by camping tents, while you enjoy a sky full of stars and the sound of a guitar. Or imagine waking up in the morning next to the seashore with the sound of the waves and the sea breeze, while you watch the sunrise through the tent’s window and later prepare a cup of coffee. Or simply just to sit in your hammock under a canopy while you appreciate the flora that surrounds you and you identify the bird’s call. Each and every one of these mentioned moments are examples of what you can do when you go camping. Camping is an activity that a lot of people can do, whether it’s to enjoy nature’s charm with family and friends or simply for relaxing. It is an activity that doesn’t have age limits, as long as you adequately plan it and take safety and preventive measures. In Puerto Rico we are blessed because you can always go camping, no matter the season of the year it is. For this reason, many tourists visit us in the coldest months of the year. We offer a diversity of scenarios for this interesting practice, from camping in the dense fauna of the. center of the island to camping in the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean During a camping trip, you can perform many activities that let you enjoy nature, such as: looking at birds, plants, trees and insects, go fishing, walk through paths, explore caves, take pictures, watch the stars, plus many more.

All these activities can be done, if we remember that we have to be very conscious about protecting nature. An important factor, just as it was mentioned above, is planning the camping trip to prevent any setbacks. Before going camping, you’ll need to: know and explore the place where you’re going, define which activities will be done during camping, what type of clothing is most adequate and which foods will be needed. When going camping, you’ll need the right equipment, depending on how much time you’ll spend camping: a night, a weekend or for a long time (4 days or more). To guarantee that you’ve cover all your basic necessities for your trip, it’s important to have this basic equipment list: tent, sleeping bag, adequate clothing (quantity will depend on the duration), footwear for walking, grooming kit, backpack, food, water, lantern, stove, cooking utensils, first-aid kit, map, compass, whistle, insect repellent, poncho or raincoat. In Puerto Rico we have many areas for camping.

These are administered by the principal agencies such as: Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (787) 999-2200, which has areas such as:

• Cambalache Forest, Barceloneta
• Carite Forest, Patillas
• Guajataca Forest, Quebradillas
• Monte Guilarte Forest, Adjuntas
• Susúa Forest, Yauco
• Río Abajo Forest, between Arecibo and Utuado
• Toro Negro Forest, Villalba
• Lake Luchetti Refuge
• Guavate Recreation and Camping Area, Cayey
• Caja de Muertos Island Reserve, Ponce
National Parks Company (787) 622-5200, has many areas
to go camping, many of them in Puerto Rico’s beaches:
• Cerro Gordo, Dorado
• La Monserrate, Luquillo
• Seven Seas, Fajardo
• Punta Guilarte, Arroyo
• Tres Hermanos, Añasco
• Sun Bay, Vieques
• Balneario Punta Santiago, Humacao
• Cavernas de Camuy, Camuy
United States Forest Service (787) 888-1810, administers
El Yunque Rainforest.
Aditional areas:
Floriham Forest and Inn, Canóvanas (787) 886-7416
Flamenco Beach, Culebra (787) 742-0700 or 742-3880
Patillas Villa Pesquera Beach, Patillas
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