An escape to Cueva del Indio


Sincerely, I’m neither a very adventurous person nor a nature-lover. Picture this: the closest I’ve been to nature has been between the plastic and foam decorations in Disney’s rows. Nevertheless, one day I accepted my friends’ invitation for Cueva del Indio, but I have to admit that I was not interested. What I didn’t expect is that it would turn out to be one of the best days that I’ve had in my life. Cueva del Indio is located in the shores of Arecibo, a town in the northern part of Puerto Rico. It is said that this cave is where the Indians gathered to plan their escapes from the Spaniards.

Before entering the cave, you have the option of walking the rocky shore while you admire the different windows, product of the natural process of erosion. There you’ll find amazing views that will leave you speechless. While you’re walking by the cliffs, you’ll enjoy the most beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and you’ll be refreshed with the marine breeze and the sea’s splash against the rocks.

Once you’ve traveled the shore, you can enter Cueva del Indio. After going down some natural steps and a wooden ladder, a whole lot sturdier that it looks, you get to the cave. There you’ll be amazed by the many indigenous drawings that embellish the cave; they will transport you hundreds of years to the past. Also, you can bathe in a small well that’s filled with crystalline waters.

Cueva del Indio is one of the most beautiful jewels that our island hides. For this reason I invite you to, just as the Indians did, escape from the daily routine and experiment this natural beauty. To enjoy this you only need two things: a very comfy pair of sneakers and a camera to capture this great experience. If I could do it and enjoy it, you’ll certainly love it. Go and do it!