Discover “Cueva Sorbeto”


To discover “Cueva Sorbeto” is a total adventure. Before entering, you receive the security orientation as well as the equipment that you’ll use. Once you’re ready, the walk begins until you reach a river which you cross holding on to a rope. The cave is located on the other side (if you don’t hold on to the rope, you have the risk of being carried away by the current, so you better hang on to it!). The cave’s entrance has very limited illumination, but your pupils quickly get adjusted to the change so you can continue the trip.

During the experience, the guide asked us to sit, but it wasn’t just a regular request, he wanted us to sit in a puddle of mud that was a feet and a half deep. Therefore, after denying it many times, we all accepted to sit since, at the end of the day, he was the guide and we were the excursionists. Nevertheless, the guide didn’t stop at that. After he’d gotten the whole group to sit in the mud, he asked us to turn off the helmet lights. After following the instructions, the guide started a beautiful reflection which included the cave’s formation, their function, importance, conservation and preservation, the particularity of where we were and what we were about to see.

When he concluded his reflection, he asked us for a few minutes of silence so we could appreciate the sound of the cave’s interior. After a couple of minutes, the guide interrupted the silence and asked us to turn on the helmet lights saying: “WELCOME TO “CUEVA SORBETO!” This cave is considered one of the most beautiful in Puerto Rico because of the type of straw-like formations or speleothems. Speleothems are mineral formations that result from chemical processes and physical dynamics in the natural formation and development of the cave. They decorate the walls and floors. For this reason, the cave’s value is unmatched. When you visit the cave, be sure not to leave any waste, do not disturb the water puddles, and do not write on the walls. The cave is located in the town of Arecibo.