Eating in the skies of San Lorenzo


You park your car; the only thing you know is that if you don’t go in a 4×4 or in a fourtrack, you don’t get there. Then you wait for a truck, named “la Sapa”, which is the official transport to get to a very peculiar restaurant in San Lorenzo, best known as: El Cerro de Nandy. While getting to the Sapa you’re experiencing something new, an experience that is enhanced by the steep path and the wonderful landscape that surrounds you. Once you’re up there, you’re welcomed by the great vibe and warmth of those that have already crossed the adventurous path.

The service is spectacular from arrival to when you start enjoying the puertorrican menu of the famous Nandy, who’s in the place having fun with the guests, serving or setting the music as a DJ. Nandy, or Reinaldo Ortiz Neris, worked for more than twenty years in different positions within a Cash & Carry, but he always dreamt of owning his own business. Years ago, Nandy used his hill for parties with his friends and to cook for them.

Reinaldo is a natural-born chef; he studied with his mother, for many the best chef. One day he got the idea of opening his kitchen to the public, which was constructed with bricks and had a zinc, cardboard and wood roof. At first, his dream of having his own business at the top of the hill seemed foolish to his family.

But it’s been five years since this business has turned into an escape from daily routine and a fun way to go out to eat. The house’s specialty isn’t something very elaborate; between the rice with pigeon peas, ribs, friend pork chunks, “vianda” and the famous rabbit fricassee, each person that visits the place is delighted with the flavors of a great “made at home” menu and with the ambiance of being in a balcony with a great view of the countryside which up to five hundred people can enjoy. To go to “el cerro de Nandy” is to enjoy of our natural beauties and the delicacies of our culture.