Bird watching: an absolute adventure

Reina mora macho

If you think that bird watching is not an adventure, ask James Bond, ornithologist that studied birds in the Caribbean and wrote the book entitled, Birds of the West Indies, published in 1936. It is afterwards that Ian Fleming, an enthusiastic of bird watching, who used Bond’s book for identification, creates the famous science fiction character of James Bond in the novel “Casino Royale” (1953). Birds are an integrated part of our ecosystem and possess diverse functions, such as, the distribution and scattering of tree and plant seeds (which contribute to the propagation of vegetation to different places helping perpetuate the species), the pollination, and as predators, help in the control of different animals such as insects, mammals, and reptiles.

While scavengers birds are responsible for cleaning up our surroundings and maintaining a balance in the food web. Bird watching, for scientific or personal purpose, is an activity that can be done almost by everyone and almost everywhere. When observing birds, your journey becomes pure adventure, as you ake your way through paths and trails to reach the fabulous sceneries and landscapes where some of these species are found, making it a unique experience. Therefore, if you really want a different adventure and feel like a true James Bond, pickup your backpack, binoculars, edibles, and launch yourself through beautiful landscapes, unknown places, and learn about the world of birds and nature.

To observe birds you need:
-a local guide to identify birds,
-a backpack to place personal belongings,

In more complex habitats you may need:
-Impermeable or rubber boots to enter mudflats or wet-lands,
-high resolution binoculars,
-long cargo pants,
-photo camera,
-canoe or kayak,
-four by four wheel vehicle

Bird Conservation Tips
-Design your home gardens with plants and trees that attract
native and endemic birds.
– Sponsor organizations that protect birds and the environment.
– Teach your children the importance of birds and the conservation of our natural environment.

Know the endemic birds of Puerto Rico:
-San Pedrito
-Pájaro Carpintero de PR
-Mucarito de PR,
-Reina Mora,
-Reinita Mariposera,
-Reinita del Bosque Enano,
-Cotorra de PR,
-Pájaro Bobo Mayor,
-Zumbador verde de PR,
-Zumbador Esmeralda,-Juí de PR,