Rediscover La Parguera: 100% Natural


La Parguera, better known among tourist, boat owners, and visitors for its Bioluminescent Bay, its extraordinary natural resources, its attractive cays and coral reefs that are the delight of swimmers’ and divers, recently launched its new image and adventure offer.

The renovated gardens and artistic landscape catches your attention as you reach the parking, inviting you to explore local artisan booths, savor their gastronomic cuisine, hum along with the music, or even adventure in a boat or kayak trip. This new touristic proposal includes the reopening of 1.3 kilometers of channels, in the midst of lagoons and mangroves, allowing you to navigate, in boat or kayak, from the sector known as Las Cuevas to the Pitahaya, coming in close contact with the diverse flora and fauna of this coastal ecosystem.

This journey is at your reach, day or night, thanks to new tour providers established in the village. Another alternative that is flourishing and embarks you on a pure adrenaline spree is Kite surfing and Paddle Boarding.

Due to its protected coast and strong winds, the Parguera is the perfect place to challenge you physical abilities and defy the wind as you voyage through the clear waters that encircle the cays of this area. For those who simply desire a family picnic at the beach or celebrate a special occasion, surrounded by nature and fresh air, you have Playita Rosada.

This beach has been renovated and recently reopened to the public after being closed for over fifteen years. With this, the Parguera expands its tourism offer to satisfy ALL those who for many years have selected this historical fishing village as an ideal place for their entertainment.