SNUBA within reach in the South of Puerto Rico


When we think of the municipality of Salinas the first that arises to our mind is its gastronomic excellence, mainly, due to the extensive amount of restaurants and its famous “mojo isleño”, part of the town’s slogan. However it also offers within your reach, the opportunity of experiencing its magnificent underwater known as SNUBA (Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus). SNUBA is a hybrid between snorkeling and diving, where non divers can breathe underwater, as if they were diving, without carrying a dive tank. You wear your mask, fins, snorkel, and a nylon armor that holds your regulator that is connected to a tank located on a floating barge at the surface. With this equipment you may reach 20 feet of depth and truly experience a coral reef.

Media Luna is one of the most visited reefs. This shallow reef starts at about six feet and goes down to 56 feet, ideal location for all of the family. You can discover a great diversity of marine life and live corals, as wells as, other sea treasures that include sightings of manatees, rays, damsels and a variety of angel fishes, among others. Other activities such as snorkeling and diving are also available to help you explore all the ecosystems and marine life found in this area. You can also enjoy navigating through its mangrove channels, cays, and the beautiful sun settings of the area, making this a perfect spot for adventure and nature lovers. So make note that Salinas has an incredible marine biodiversity that is now at your reach to discover and explore. To learn more about SNUBA and other activities visit: