Do you have a Tree House?


I have never had the opportunity of owning a tree house; I’ve only seen them in movies and on television.

I imagine not many children have had one, many houses no longer have trees in their yards now in days. But if you want to explore the joy of being in one, you may want to visit Colon Park in Aguadilla, it’s on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico.

I was able to go and it’s fascinating, it is 50 feet high and has a spectacular view. The house is built on a Laurel tree and its brother is an almond tree. Both are joined as if they were one gigantic tree, also offering lots of shade.

Under the tree there is a section where your parents can sit and watch you as you play, you can take lots of photos on their beautiful roots. In the park you can also fish, play, go to the beach or just enjoy a picnic with your family.

You can also buy an ice cream or a snow cone. But always remember, don’t leave trash or write on the trees!