A Rocky Forest, the Lucero Cave, and footprints of their past


Between the mountains of the municipality of Juana Díaz we discovered one of the most unusual places in Puerto Rico. A rocky forest surrounded by spectacular views and scenery that seems taken out of another planet. With over 60 million years of existence, carsic rock formations and abundance of marble, characterized this singular forest. Silhouettes, some surpassing 20 feet of height, formed by the transformation of rocks over time, delineate perfect trails for mountaineering. From this point you can observe Toa Vaca Lake to the north and Caja de Muerto Islet to the south. Experiencing this forest is a complete adventure. It has more than seventeen (17) caves and caverns including: Las Golondrinas, Quince Cabros and Lucero Cave, among others. Petrography’s and pictographic’ can be examined in Lucero Cave. In spite of all this beauty, the establishment of pit activities in the area is threatening their existence for the future. The Baldio community offer activities and expeditions to the forest with the objective to highlight the beauty of this rocky forest unknown to many, and help create conscience of the damage being done in such a historic place.