Dare to climb!


Once you start ascending, the only thing that is require is concentration, search, and identification of good grip. With this in mind, you can continue climbing a vertical rock formation Spiderman style, obviously, arm and leg strength are indispensable. Rock climbing is an extreme sport that allows you to reach or get to unique places that can only be enjoyed by those who practice the sport.

The minimum equipment required to climb consist of: armor, rope, carabineers, climbing shoes, security device also known as belay, and a bag with chalk that is carried on your waist. Mountain climers use chalk to dry the sweat out of their hands and achieve better grip. In Puerto Rico, the sport of climbing has been promoted by Rossano Boscarino, president of the Aventuras Tierra Adentro Company. With more than fifteen years of experience, he has represented Puerto Rico in other countries and is the only person on the Island certified by the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA).

This in addition, to his certifications in cave rescue, industrial climbing, and Coordinator/ Instructor by the National Cave Rescue Commission. Understanding the responsibility that it entails Boscarino offers courses to those interested in practicing the sport. There are different specialties in climbing and difficulty levels than run from 5.1 to 5.15, depending on the route. In Puerto Rico, there are established routes in the municipalities of Bayamon, Ciales, San Germán and shortly in Cayey.

For these routes Aventuras Tierra Adentro has developed guides that offer advice, emergency telephone numbers, graphics, photos, descriptions, names, and degree of difficulty of the routes. Information of who developed them is also provided. Some notable names among the routes are: Puerto Rico does it better, Chupa Cabra, Sour drink on the rock, and a Free ride to heaven. Without a doubt, climbing provides you with the opportunity to presence inconceivable scenic views and live everlasting experiences.
Therefore, Dare to Climb!