Stand Up Paddle Board: Diversion, Leisureliness, and Physical Condition


Imagine enjoying a day at the beach, and while you are having fun, you are also working on body condition and performing a concentration and balance exercise, it sounds ideal. All this can be achieved when practicing stand up paddle board.

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is a nautical sport closely related to surfing, the difference between these is that it does not involve great difficulty, it only requires confidence and security. For greater satisfaction, it is highly recommended that you take an initial course in which you will learn how to find axle equilibrium, cope with the center of gravity, position, paddling technique, turns, and how to take advantage of the waves and winds, among other advice.

This sport consists of padding while standing up on a large surf board. Its’ allure is based on how simple it is to learn and that it is accessible to all type of persons, as well as, its variety of modalities, in addition to being a complete physical activity. It is said that this sport has its origin in the roots of the Polynesian countries, its Hawaiian translation is “Ku Hoe He’e Nalu” which means: stand up, paddle, and navigate the wave.

None the less, lately it has been demonstrated that it could have originated in Peru. This due that on the northern beaches of Peru there exist the “Caballito de Totora”, a canoe made with resistant plants such as reed. It is alleged that in the pre-Colombian era in Perú you would have seen Indians navigating the rapid rivers in the so called “ Caballito de Totora”. In Puerto Rico, the SUP is practiced throughout the Island in diverse beach scenarios and lagoons.

Due to the welcoming that this sport has had, family events are being developed for the delight of all. Among the most recent we can mention Xplora Splash Fest SUP Race Series in Aguada, the Paddle Royal San Juan SUP Cup in the Condado Lagoon and the 2nd Annual Escape from Coffin Island-PR SUP Championships in Ponce. So therefore, the only way to discover how easy this sport can really be is accepting the opportunity of getting on our feet and padding on top of the surf board. Cheer up, try it, and let us know!