The San Sebastián Waterfalls: a hidden Treasure


Making inquiries along our way we reached the marvelous area of the San Sebastian waterfalls known by many as “Gozalandia” or Fun Land. By simply opening the door of your car you can hear the noise of the water, smell the aroma of the countryside and perceive the majesty of its views.

You start your entrance by way of a cement access. Once in, you come across trails created by people who frequently visit the place, at the same time as you begin to experience a radical change in temperature.

When you reach the river it has the most impressive natural waterfalls divided by rocky formations. This hidden treasure has been the stage for movies such as: A Perfect Gateway, 300 Letters and famous commercials such as the Budweiser frogs. We are guided through our journey by Mr. Miguel Ruiz, custodian of the lands, who showed us the first of the waterfalls known as the “Indian Face”, for the formation of the rocks, or also as “Salto de Leche” (milk fall) for the appearance of its waters.

To reach this waterfall, of approximately 16 feet deep depending on the climatologic conditions, you have to go downhill through a very rocky path. Afterwards we ascended through other trails on our way to the main waterfall known as “The Fountain” which is more than 25 feet of deep.

There we discovered a hanging rope, with which you can balance yourself and experience a free fall typical of a Tarzan movie. Just by looking at it you are amazed by the beauty of its formation and the landscape that adorns it.

In summary, there are more than 70 acres of private owned lands by Dr. Ruiz, well known in the area, and who opened the doors of his home to speak with us about his wonderful lands that he has no obstacle in sharing with locals and tourist; as long as you conserve the place, cause no damage to the flora and fauna, and don’t leave trash. Currently, the place has no facilities although he has considered developing an eco touristic park in the future.