El Yunque illuminates during the Night


If you visit the Yunque during the day it is impressive, visiting it during the night is definitely another story. It’s like going into the role of a movie character before an expected adventure.

The journey started around 6:00 pm with a short briefing of the rules including the most mentioned, “no one gets lost in the Yunque if you stay on the trails”. Afterwards they presented the tikis, wood stacks with happy faces, these to be used to mark areas of interest during our walk.

Once completed the introduction, enthusiastic due to the fact that days prior our visit, favorable conditions for the growth of fungus such as precipitation and high pollen index, among other influencing factors had occurred, we were on track.

Our expectations of encountering bioluminescence during our journey of an hour and a half of duration were very high. The trail illuminated exclusively with the lights that we carried in our hands as we walk in a line behind each other.

The sounds of the nocturnal fauna were accompanying us and we only stopped when one in the group found something of interest. This was the case of the tiny frogs known as coquíes.

Well ahead and entering into the trail we started to see the bioluminescence present in the larvas adhere onto the leaves and organisms that flew, as the glowworms. We also stopped to look for fungus between the fallen leaves, until their luminescence caught our eye as evidence. After these findings and as part of the emotion, everything surrounding us shined.

Soon after we were able to find other fungus that emitted light. Of the 71 species of the bioluminescent fungus identified in the world, Puerto Rico has seven (7) located in the Yunque. Taking into consideration the conservation of the habitat of these diverse species, this night journey is offered to groups of 4 to 6 persons, maximum. This trip is exclusive of AdvenTours. The experience of being in the Yunque during the night, is a special one, educational, interesting, and alluring. And so, we share with you these photos of our night expedition, so that you may judge for yourselves and decide if the Yunque does light during the night.