Discover The Makito


In search of new gastronomic adventures, I arrived at Naguabo on the east coast of the Island where beyond its coast and mountains you find one of the most visited attractions of this municipality, a restaurant with a spectacular view and savor.

Named The Makito, this restaurant specializes in the confection of the most precious flavors of the sea. It also has a varied menu that incorporates meats and poultry to share with family or friends and delight your palate.

The house dish is stuff lobster Makitos’ style, synonymous of fresh seafood provided by the local fishermen. Other popular plates are: fried snapper, mashed plantain stuffed with seafood, and its famous trunkfish dumplings.

Located on the water front of Hucares Beach, this restaurant has a great air condition dining room, an activity room, and a beautiful terrace with ocean view. Its cuisine, service, location, and great prices place The Makito as a top selection for an unforgettable experience. Their slogan, “In Makito everything is delicious”, is fittingly true.