Polo on bicycles Another modern trend


The bicycle polo, cycle polo, bike polo or speed polo as the French would say; it’s a variant of polo on bicycles instead of horses. Two teams of competitors must hit a ball with a mallet to score a goal.

You need any type of bike that has no threatening limb, a mallet or stick and a “street hockey” ball. Among the rules are: do not touch the floor, do not throw mallets and seek to make accurate shots.

To mention some history, it was a demonstration sport at the London Olympic s of 1908. However, it began to disappear after World War II. Eventually reborn in the 1980’s being played on grass only.

It was in the 21st century when it established itself as the “Hardcourt Bike Polo” in the city of Seattle. In 2003, Seattle hosted the Cycle Messenger World Championship (CMWC) where previously formed clubs in the United States which t aught the world how much fun it was to play polo on bikes in a field of hard ground. Since then, the rest is history.