Triathlon An addictive game


The bicycle movement is definitely blooming and taking over the interest of many. As proof of this, we can mention the polo cycling, urban cycling and Triathlon events. The Triathlon is the sport involving three continuous and sequential events: swimming, cycling and running. One of the practitioners of this sport in Puerto Rico is David Vélez who is also the owner of Pedal Cycle Shop in the city of Rio Piedras. His foray for cycling began at the
age of 16 when he challenged his father to win a competition. Currently, he practices 2 hours a day to gain resistance and stay fit, what has given him merit to win events such as the Roselyn Sanchez Triathlon for Life, the Joyuda Great Triathlon and the Contender.

For his wins, we can classify Velez as one of the top three triathletes in Puerto Rico, who also motivates others to practice the sport describing it as an addiction; once you start you never stop. Since the year 2000, the triathlon was formalized as an Olympic sport, having an increase in the number of people who practice it. Among the equipment you need to participate in a Triathlon competition are: helmet, running shoes, “goggles,” uniform or “tri suit” and obviously the bike, either a camel or a specialist model whose geometry allows to reach better timing and distances. The Triathlon competition varies distances according to the tests. There for, who dare themselves to the challenge and enter in this addictive sport.