Do you know of the Cordillera Reefs?


Many are the tourists and locals who daily visit the cays of eastern Puerto Rico. Some of these are Icacos, Diablo and Palominito Key.

But did you know that all these belong to the Reef Natural Reserve in Cordillera? It was designated as such in 1980 and is located on the east coast of the municipality of Fajardo.

It consists of a chain formed by cays, islands and reefs. With our knowledge of the Reserve, we went aboard the Traveler catamaran for a day tour. Departing from Villa Marina we reached our first stop, Icacos.

There the visitors had the opportunity to walk through the sand, swim, snorkel and enjoy the sun on the catamaran. During the course of the trip and at the pace of the music prevailed excellent service and charming employees who make you feel as family.

Visitors are provided with refreshments, fruits, sandwiches and snacks. Also, juices, soft drinks or its famous drink “Hurricane” are offered. Traveler Company has over 20 years of service and the catamaran has a maximum capacity of 48 people per tour.

This allows you to coordinate group activities such as weddings and birthday celebrations, among others. So we recommend enjoying one of the beauties of our Puerto Rico as these fabulous reefs, cays and islets. Having a great time in total relaxation and getting out of the daily rout.