Water Skiing: at another level


What a day at the beach in La Parguera!. My great adventure on the water was amazing doing what they call «waterboarding» which is a water sport where you are on a board above the water and a boat pulls you along with a cable.

I did some research and found out the sport was created through a combination of Ski, waters Ski and Snowboarding. The best thing is that you can practice it here in Puerto Rico. When they began to teach me, maybe I fell two or three times but Luijo of Parguera Water Sports helped me leave my fear behind.

I think I fell of fear but I got a 20-minute «break» to relax. My stepfather tried and made it from the first; out of shame I jumped into the water and guess what.. in a minute I was ENJOYING A LOT! It›s an adventure you have to live to know what it feels like and how exciting it is.