A True Inland Adventure


Traveling inland on the Island means experiencing nature, culture and folklore to its maximum expression. Just by getting on the bus you feel a sense of adventure. Once you arrive at your destiny, security, equipment and fun dominate your trip. Nature’s sounds merge with the fabulous service offered by our guide Rossano, who created the impression of being in another dimension.

Climbing up hill we came upon a trail with three ziplines, the views were fascinating. Upon arrival, we rappelled down the mountain to enter a cave without a slightest idea of what you will discover. To reach the resting area you have to jump in and out through the water, there is no park ride that compares with the adrenaline, suspense and adventure that you experience.

Once inside the room you are served lunch, in an ambience created with cushions and candles, no restaurant could simulate this atmosphere. To return you must swim through the river and mud, until you reach a point in which you must climb up the mountain to exit. This is an extreme adventure that has been perform and covered by National Geographic. To live this adventure, contact “Aventuras Tierra Adentro” at (787) 766-0470.

Aneris Santiago remarks about this Experience
“This was an experience that I will never forget. It will remain in my mind as a father-daughter adventure. We felt so many different emotions that we did not know we would enjoy doing such activities. We came home with so many tales and the best part was watching my father telling them with the emotion of a kid”.