Dynoflagelates: Sparkling all Night


Puerto Rico offers one of the most spectacular night eco-life activities in the Caribbean. “Laguna Grande” bay, located in Las Cabezas de San Juan Natural Reserve in Fajardo is one of the six bodies of water where you can enjoy the natural spectacle of bioluminescence. Once there, it’s like having arrived at a familiar area where sail boats are in the water, local booths and kayak companies await to sell you a tour. Without having an idea of what you will encounter, you follow instructions and start padding towards the entrance of the red mangrove trails.

I never imagined it would be so exciting when I started padding, hearing the “coquies” (small puertorriquen frog), the night birds, and the sound of the water in a unison flow as we all paddle; the sensation is better than any Disney attraction. Upon arrival at the lagoon you can only sight the light from the Fajardo Mountains. The guide proceeded to explain why it’s such a special lagoon and what generates the bioluminescence as all kayaks joined to hear the explanation and observe the magical waters. If you select an individual tour you can have more time to kayak alone and explore the beautiful lagoon and its surroundings.

Completed our time we all return back through the wonderful channels as a group. Bioluminescence is mainly produced by microscopic organisms known as dynoflagelates. A chemical process is responsible for the light produced by the Dynoflagelates, when two chemical substances, luceferine and luciferasa, come together, molecules react and release energy in form of light. These outings can be enjoyed every day; radiance can be best observed during dark or no moon nights. This unique and incredible experience was possible thanks to EcoAdventures. For more information you can call (787) 863-2821 o www.ecoadventurespr.com.