Historic and Gastronomic Journey to “Luz de Luna”


Imagine they are planning an unexpected experience for you, full of history, nature, flavor, just simply magical, something extraordinary to enjoy. This and much more you will receive in “ Hacienda Luz de Luna”( Moon Light Hacienda) in the municipality of Adjuntas where chef Ventura Vivoni, joined by his parents Luz de Selenia Rivera and Edric Vivoni, have developed an unique concept. Upon your arrival it’s like a family visit, you are welcomed to their farm and met by all.

Afterwards they take you on a journey to explore part of the 374 acres that make up their Hacienda, an opportunity to come in close contact with nature, learn about their fruit trees and the spices they incorporate in the diverse products they create. Mr. Edric Vivoni will also delight you with his stories. Returning to their facilities there is a small manufacturing business where they produce citron candy and Jobos jam, nontraditional products that they also incorporate in their cooking.

At the house you are presented with a gastronomic adventure, while seated on a wooden table constructed by the chef himself and his father. Each dinner’s menu is created by Chef Ventura Vivoni, who has combined his passion for music and art, becoming the author of his kitchen while crafting a unique gastronomic adventure. All courses are prepared with fresh ingredients, mostly from their Hacienda.

Beginning with his cocktails, as you reach the dessert, the flavors experienced will make it very difficult for you choose your favorite; for sure the infusion of flavors will meet all your expectations. With the coffee, also produced at the Hacienda, begins a historic journey through coffee haciendas and other very interesting dynamics. This experience is only available on weekends and requires strict previous reservations. For more details www.restaurartevidaventura.com or call 787.829.9096.