Surfing: All an Experience


I did not know where Isabela was located, but I knew I wanted to learn how to surf. That’s where I met Paloma Quintana in an only women surfing competition held at Jobos Beach in that municipality.

I was intruded by the feeling of performing the sport, so I insisted in taking lessons. When I arrived at my first lesson, the instructor showed me the basics; how to lay down, how to paddles with my arms in the water, and what I should do, once in the water, to standup on the board.

I must say I never thought it would be so exciting and even more, when I was finally able to stand up and let the waves carry me, WOW!!! It was something I never would have imagined being capable of doing. I loved it and hope to surf alone soon.

I need to confess that it is very exhausting, yet it’s super. For my fifteenth birthday I want to go to Hawaii and if I learn well, I can surf there. Therefore, I will learn to surf on our Island, Puerto Rico.