Fajardo Miniboats


Fajardo is a multi-adventure destination and a strategic point to reach the island municipalities of Vieques and Culebra. It is also one of the municipalities with the highest concentration of marinas. One of them is Puerto Chico, where you can expect a different, exciting, and unique adventure.

Once you arrive at the tour area, you will receive a briefing on safety measures and they will explain everything you are going to be able to experience during the tour. Then is when the fun begins. You board one of the mini boats where you will become captain for a day. These boats are equipped with a mini fridge and snacks to complement the experience.

From then on, guides Angel and Lucas will be directing you to the different stops. The first stop is Icacos Island, which is named that way because in the past it was a large exporter of lime and today, when you approach it, you can still see the ruins left from the exporter. This stop is for snorkeling, and what you will see is truly awesome.

The water is crystalline, allowing you to appreciate all the beautiful marine environment, from the diversity of the coral to the variety of fish. Then we go back to sailing and later you pass close to Cayo Lobos, which is a private island whose owner will rent it out to famous people who travel to Puerto Rico. In addition, you will pass close to Palomino Island, which is an impressive island whose owner rents out rent half the island to the El Conquistador Hotel so that it can use it as a beach for its guests.

The last stop is the little island paradise of Palominito, with a beautiful beach and almost transparent waters. Crossing Palominito will take you just one minute, but wanting to leave it will cost you a lot because of the fantastic time you will spend there. This small island was used for one of the scenes from the famous movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.” This daytrip was thanks to Kayaking Puerto Rico: www.kayakingpuertorico.com.