The Yunque : Wild Challenge


At about 1,000 feet above sea level, on the southern zone of the El Yunque rain forest, our multi challenge adventure Kalichi Adventures began; specifically at Kasa Kalichi located in the city of Naguabo. With an extraordinary panoramic view of the east coast of Puerto Rico, our descend kicked off as we entered the dense forest in direction of the Cubuy River, letting us appreciate the diversity of flora and fauna typical to this least explored area of El Yunque.

Inside Cubuy River we were directed to the plateau were our guides pointed out petro graphics on Icacos River rocks. It was on this plateau that the exciting and extreme part of this refreshing adventure initiated. In that particular spot the Cubuy, Icacos and Prieto Rivers converged to produce a great volume of water that gave birth to Blanco River. Here the most bold jumped from a waterfall of approximately 40 feet high.

The length of the rocks creates a wall that becomes ideal scenery to practice rappelling. This descend ended in a natural pool were our challenge became swimming against the current. By then, we had become part of the river sliding through the rocks and practicing body rafting. The huge rocks form water passages whose speed powered us through the waterfalls.

Finally, we just relaxed in the El Hippie pond located at approximately 200 feet above sea level, here we were picked up and driven back to Kasa Kalichi. Comfortable in Kasa Kalichi our guest treated us to refreshments and delicious fried plantains harvest in their farm. For more information about this adventure you can contact Kalichi Adventures at (787) 365-3401.