Underwater Experience


Scuba Diving is one of those things that seem simple, but many persons fear. My mother enrolled me in a diving exploration course so I could learn a little. It was in Island Scuba in Playa Santa, Guanica, where my adventure began. At first, I was somewhat scared having heard about the risks, but Nayda (my instructor) told me I had nothing to worry about.

After watching a movie, listening to them explain what we were going to do, we selected the equipment and set out on the boat. My equipment included a tank which weighed a little out of the water, but once inside was weightless. We practiced in a shallow area so I could get acquainted with the equipment. Although the sea conditions were slightly rough, once we went down, the water was clear and we could see everything.

As we played to learn the signals, I discovered the world in the ocean. They also showed me the different kinds of fish. At the end, after taking off my tank, mask, and wet suit, we went to the store and I was given a basic scuba diving certificate. Now, I am ready to discover the wonderful world that I only saw in movies.