Las Bocas Canyon


Most of you know Barranquitas as home to the spectacular San Cristobal Canyon. Did you know that this picturesque town, surrounded by mountains, hides other places of great natural beauty?

This is the case of the impressive Las Bocas Canyon located between the municipalities of Barranquitas and Comerio. This ecological treasure formed by rivers, waterfalls, caves, and river drains is also home to native species, among which you can find the cucubano of Puerto Rico also known as “click beetle”.

La Garganta waterfall is a main attraction in the Canyon. To reach this beautiful yet imposing waterfall we hiked about twenty-five (25) minutes through bushes of wild berries and guava.

During our journey we observed various species of butterflies, spiders, and birds; also accompanied by their sweet songs. This waterfall is one of the highest in Puerto Rico from which you can enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view of the area.

Continuing our voyage up river, climbing through waterfalls bordered by yagrumo or Cecropias trees, we reached a small pond surrounded by massive rocks. Here we were allowed to jump in and take in its extraordinary beauty.

The canyon has unusual geological formation consisting of volcanic and Karstic rocks, more than eleven waterfalls and extensive flora and fauna. Las Bocas Natural Reserve Committee grew out of the concern to conserve this ecosystem and maintains an active campaign that promotes research and ecotourism to protect the lands.