At the Center of Catedral and Balcones


I had never visited Florida one of the seventy eight (78) municipalities of Puerto Rico. For this adventure we were directed to this municipality in search of two of its spectacular caves.

After arriving at our meeting point, we were lead to a private farm were the access to these is located. As in all expeditions, we were first offered a safety briefing and handed required equipment before setting off to our adventure.

We started out with an impressive walk through the forest, listening to the sounds of nature, and already feeling the peacefulness of the surroundings. The first cave we visited was named Catedral; upon arrival the view of its entrance is majestic and going underground is a magical experience.

The second cave was called Balcones, named derived from its balcony type interior halls, there we observed various types of impressive formations including stalactites. As we continued walking and entering new halls it felt like entering the rooms of an enormous house with muddy floors, adding to this fun experience.

Our appreciation for nature and the need to protect it for future generations was enhanced after experiencing two caves, one still undergoing formation (alive) and one that is not (dead).

Eddie, our guide, reminded us along the journey to never touch the stalactites and to be aware of where we stepped. Animals such as bats, whip spiders and the puertorican boa were also visible.

I had never visited a cave and couldn’t have imagined its beauty, overall a great learning experience. This trip lasted approximately five (5) hours and covered 10 miles, thus requiring good physical conditions. For more information you can contact