“Half World” Journey


The municipality of Ceiba was well-known as home to Roosevelt Roads, a military base from which the United States Marines carried out their war training operations during the period of 1943 to 2004. These lands are now owned by the government of Puerto Rico.

Many are unaware of the natural beauties found in this area. Here we found “Los Machos” Beach one of the main beaches of this municipality. Sands from the coral reefs close to its coast form this biogenic beach. Our adventure in Kayak towards Cayo Piñero began here; an open beach voyage entering the magnificent red mangrove channels of the old Roosevelt Roads base and exiting at beach front.

The total trip took approximately five (5) hours, about 8 miles, including stops. The key stop was at Cayo Piñero islet, also known as “Medio Mundo” or Half World, name derived from its shape. It is said that when you look at its coastline it resembles half of the world globe. We had lunch on the beach of this Cay of breathtaking crystal clear waters and beautiful views of the coastline of Fajardo and Palomino Island.

The amazing natural beauty of the flora and fauna sighted throughout the entire trip confirms that we had seen one of the most remarkable places in this part of the Island due mostly to its conservation. The excursion was organized by Sierra Club. For more information you may call 787.725.1898 ó 787.319.6629.