Secret Lights of Vieques


Much has been said about the wonders of bioluminescence, including that three of the seven most astonishing sites in the world are found in Puerto Rico. Mosquito Bay on the Island of Vieques is one of them. Our adventure begins at Puerto del Rey Marina in Fajardo, as we are welcomed by the staff of East Island Company for this one night tour.

The sun setting in the background makes your catamaran voyage to the Island of Vieques a very pleasant experience. Upon arrival, you are driven to Island Adventure Restaurant in the area of Esperanza where after a delicious dinner and receiving information about the phenomenon of bioluminescence a school bus drives you to the final destination.

The ride to Mosquito Bay feels like a safari excursion. On arrival, we board an electrical platform, to avoid contamination of the bay, as our guide provides information regarding this rare natural phenomenon. A trail of light starts appearing as the boat moves on.

At the designated stop, you are allowed to wet your feet and touch the water without leaving the boat. It’s like a magical potion that changes color as you touch it. The guide points out some constellations in the beautiful star covered sky as an added bonus.

On our return to Fajardo a sense of ease undertakes you after having lived an unforgettable experience in Puerto Rico that you should not miss. This adventure was possible thanks to East Island Excursions. For more information you may call (787) 860-3434.
* Transportation is available for visitors staying in Old San Juan, Condado or Isla Verde.