If You Don’t Run you Get Stepped on

By Sylmarie González Orengo

With a popular puertorican saying as their name “Si No Corro Me Pizza” restaurant arrives on our Island with a very peculiar concept. This gastronomic proposal seeks to satisfy even the most demanding palate. Their owners, adventurers’ travelers in search of new ideas, visited Naples during one of their trips to Italy. There they met a family that exposed them to the secrets of old dough, sauce, and appetizer recipes.



This unique and pleasant concept came together thanks to the creativity of its owners, friends, and family.  Fritatini and Mozzarella en Carroza (carriage) are amongst their most requested appetizers. The menu also features a variety of handmade pastas including raviolis, lasagna, and their specialty artisanal pizzas. Capresse, Miss Italia, and Bellucia are the most preferred pizzas by their clients. If you feel adventurous you can also create your own pizza by selecting from a variety of sauces and ingredients.  To complete the perfect combination they hold an assortment of Italian wines, artisanal beers, and their traditional sangria. Don’t forget to try their exquisite deserts, the nutella gelato and the nutella pizza. The decoration, ambient, prices, and overall the quality of their products will assure you a memorable culinary experience.  They are located at 1917 Loiza Street in San Juan, for more information call 787-998-2925.