At Ratones Key


Going kayaking from the El Tuque coast in Ponce to the Ratones Key is an adventure not to be missed. Our journey began at nine in the morning while the sun’s morning rays were still warm and the sea was calm.

Among pelicans and seagulls, we paddled for forty-five minutes and we reached a small islet adjacent to the key. The crystalline waters allowed us to see the bottom of the small beach while we guided our kayaks onto the short to enjoy the spectacular view of the Ponce coast.

The Ratones Key, which is located one kilometer from the El Tuque coast in Ponce, earned its name due to the eradication of black rats at the site. However, during our adventure we did not exactly see rats at the key.

When we reached the islet’s beach, hundreds we were greeted by hundreds of butterflies. Mangroves surround part of the islet, and we were able to see several fishermen. The outing at the key was very relaxing, where we were able to picnic in the fall was a very relaxing where we were able to bring our in contact with nature.

The real adventure, however, was when we were returning to the Ponce coast. The wind had begun to blow and the swell was not in our favor. After an hour of paddling against the current, we were able to reach the coast. It was a challenge that everyone in the group was able to achieve, and it is a perfect challenge for those who like adrenaline.