Historical Adventure on the Shores of Guayama


Remembering part of our history is an adventure, even more so if you practice several sports during the tour. Very few tourists and locals know about Puerto Rico’s southern Keys. Starting at Pozuelo beach in Guayama, together with the team from Tropical Pirates Eco Tours, we headed to the Caribes Keys and the Barco Key.

If you pay attention, you might be one of the lucky ones to see dolphins and manatees. After a few minutes boat ride, admiring from afar the Boca del Infierno canal, we reached Barco Key. Through the kayak and stand-up paddle surf, we were able to see splendid greenery and a panoramic view of the southern coast of Puerto Rico while touring the canals. After a delicious BBQ meal, we headed to the Caribes Keys.

During the boat trip, we were given information about the pirate Roberto Cofresí, the most famous pirate of Puerto Rico. It was amazing and interesting to know that this pirate was captured in the Caribes Keys and eventually executed in San Juan.

The locales talk about the possibility of hidden treasure in the area. After a thorough walk around the key through lanes and platforms full of history, we dove into the water to practice snorkeling. Therefore, we recommend that you take the opportunity to learn and enjoy with your friends and family an area relatively unknown to many people.

Not only that, but you will feel transported to around 1820 when “The Pirate Cofresí” roamed the shores of Puerto Rico. This adventure was carried out with Tropical Pirates Eco Tours, located in the Pozuelo ward of the Municipality of Guayama.