Between the waves and oblivion at the Aguadilla Dock


Facing the sea and bathed in the sunlight near Crash Boat lies an abandoned sugar mill, an icon of our history. Here I witnessed how, hidden between the beach and the mountains, there are buildings abandoned by time that refresh one’s gaze with the elegance and tenderness of the rolling waves.

We reached the site and within minutes we entered passing through a gate in front of houses with friendly neighbors who were surprised by our visit. Like children exploring, we entered the property enthusiastically and, after passing an old, rusted hangar, at the end of a road we found the remains of an old sugar mill.

We were a party of 12 who, between life and college, had gotten together in search of an adventure to close out the Christmas holidays. Equipped with fishing rods, snacks, coolers, cameras, scuba gear … we did not hesitate to continue our journey toward the mill.

After not being able to go down the path, we sought an alternate route to arrive at what from the very first moment became a geographic spectacle of nature and culture. In front of us, the same blue-colored sea and sky were the accomplices of that natural landscape in oblivion.

We quickly split up between swimmers and backpackers to move on to the last platform that connected the structure’s bridge. Inspired, we ventured with the group team to cross a suspension bridge that, rusted into oblivion, allowed us to also be accomplices of the secret at the end of the road.

We went down the stairs cautiously; enthusiasm, and energy were crucial. The steel, pitted by salt, at times yielded to our footsteps. Still, we reached the booty and again as a group we spent the day on platforms fused by history, iron, and the sun. A tropical paradise that invites an eternal gratitude to the waves and the oblivion of time.

By: Mitchell De León Diaz