Flyboarding in Puerto Rico

By Juan C. Irizarry

Flyboarding is the new sport that has revolutionized the world, and Puerto Rico is no exception.  It is the latest craze this summer on the beaches. The Flyboard is basically a water jetpack that connects universally to all brands of watercraft.  In addition, it allows you to thrust yourself from underwater and fly up to 12 meters high!

The Flyboard hose connects to the back of a jetski; a second person is required to power up the watercraft and thereby lift the pilot from the Flyboard in such a way that he can experience and challenge gravity by almost flying over the water.

It is an experience at another level. To begin, the instructor explains how you should handle yourself and the signals you will use when handling the acceleration of the jetski.  This makes you feel safe and confident.  The best way to describe the feeling is like flying over water, as if you were Iron Man.  I have to admit that it was not easy to achieve balance control, but after several attempts and falls (some spectacular), you can manage to learn how to handle it and from then on the fun turns into something extraordinary.  The power to move you from side to side, lifting you to heights of 10-15 feet above the water, diving with the same speed and proportion like dolphins.  It is a unique experience, which I personally have to feel again. This new sport can be practiced at any beach and it hooks you from the very first minute. To enjoy this sport or purchase this equipment, you can Flyboarding PR at 787-390-0326, and in the east, you can contact Flyboarding East at 787-526-8508.