Night Paddling: Adventure and Nature

By Sylmarie González Orengo

Can you imagine experiencing a unique adventure and still being in full contact with nature? You can have this opportunity in Gurabo.  From the time you arrive, the environment changes from the noisy traffic jam and the daily monotony to peace and serenity.  The site has 3 Tyrolean shots (zipline), which you do with a spectacular sunset, with marvelous views of the Carraízo Lake, and the sounds of nature. This is only the preamble to paddling or kayaking at night, a real adventure. The magic of darkness and the beauty of a starry sky make this sport a truly unique and thrilling experience. The planks have an integrated lighting system for sports at night. These lights make you live the experience of feeling safe within the tranquility of the lake.  It is extremely fun to be in contact with the sounds of nature in darkness and silence; you just won’t want to leave. Once you finish, you will feel profound tranquility. The experience is magical, safe and fun.  All sorts of people can do it, including children.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go paddling at night and live the experience.  For details on this adventure, you can contact Paddle Paradise at (787) 469-3397 or