Let’s Climb!


Climbing is a sport that many people think they cannot do because it takes a lot of strength, like I thought, but that is not so. From the time they told me I would have the opportunity to do it, I was thrilled and I went to climb in the Julio Enrique Monagas Park in Bayamón. In Puerto Rico, there are over 100 routes, and the park is one of the places that has the most.

I was taken to one of the routes, which was approximately 60 feet. My instructor, Bryant, from Climbing PR, was very patient with me. He started by giving me the shoes and all the different types of equipment to climb better. He also explained the safety rules to me. At first I was scared, but they told me nothing was going to happen, so I started to climb. It is all about sliding on the stones putting your hands and legs in the natural holes of the stone mountain.

Once halfway up I started to see fewer holes and I became nervous because I did not know where to grab a stone or set my foot. Finally, I reached the top and I was super excited because there was a spectacular view where you could see El Morro. It was amazing because I could celebrate my victory. So, if you want to climb, don’t be afraid because, even though it is not that easy, it is worth the work and living the experience of celebrating your victory. I want to go back soon!

Climbing Puerto Rico
ClimbingPR is a company dedicated to promoting and developing the sport of rock climbing on the island. Our goal is to help grow a strong, educated community of climbers and make Puerto Rico a climbing destination of international renown. We offer a unique experience through basic and advanced courses for those who are interested to start out in the sport, as well as climbing excursions in different parts of the island. Our guides are certified as Single Pitch Instructors under the AMGA, and certified as Wilderness First Responders in first aid. For more information, call (787) 685-7596, or on their Facebook page under Climbing Puerto Rico.