By: Robert Moreno

When I was invited to spend the day on San Ildefonso Island at Culebra to see its spectacular beaches and reefs, I did not think twice about accepting and preparing my bag and my camera.  I arrived at Puerto del Rey in Fajardo and they explained to me the itinerary for the day.  We got on the catamaran, called the Spirit of the Caribbean, and left Isla Grande toward the reef at Tamarindo Beach.  It took us about 45 minutes to get to there. Once we arrived, they explained the safety instructions to us.  I was very eager to see the wonder we went to see.  I prepared my two cameras, one to videotape the experience and the other for photos.  Once we entered the water, I was able to see many varieties of coral and fish.  But without a doubt, the best moment was when I was able to see a hawksbill se turtle, since I love those animals.  We were also lucky to see stingrays.  After that, we headed to Flamenco Beach, the third best beach in the world. I enjoyed my day in this Paradise very much and I spent time with the tourists in the area who were in awe of the beauty.  This tour was conducted thanks to East Island.  For more information: