Exploring Mar Chiquita


By: Paola Laracuente Román

There is no doubt that one of the best advantages of living in Puerto Rico is that every day is summer. We have a large variety of heavenly beaches ready to be enjoyed by all those adventurous admirers of Caribbean beauty. To find out the highlights of our island, we headed to the town of Manatí.

This municipality has several beautiful beaches and one of them is known as “Mar Chiquita” or “Little Sea.” Its name comes from a legend that tells how a Puerto Rican woman was walking one day along the edge of a large limestone rock; she slipped and fell into the sea. Suddenly, about to lose all hope of being saved, an earthquake occurred and the stone broke in half. The current passing between these two stones dragged the woman to the shore, and she survived, which is why the beach is called “Mar Chiquita” or “Little Sea.”

After a long journey, eager to see the beauty that this beach offers, we finally reached our destination. It was the perfect summer afternoon: hot sun, cool breeze, a blanket on the sand, soft drinks, snacks, and an eagerness to have fun in the paradise of pristine waters we were now contemplating. The beach is ideal for snorkeling, as it has areas that are quite deep where one can appreciate different fish.

Once our daytrip at Mar Chiquita ended, I was once again grateful for this adventure in Puerto Rico where every day I am amazed at the beauty and treasures this island offers. Let us always remember to protect, respect, and preserve the gifts that Mother Nature provides us so that we can continue enjoying our Island’s delights.