Patinetero / Skateboarder: “sport, education, and culture”


In order to promote public spirit, a sense of community, discipline, social values, and respect through skateboarding, Héctor Vargas founded Patinetero or Skateboarder, a non-profit organization.

This foundation has an impact on children and youth in, among others, the communities, schools, summer camps in Puerto Rico. This project is carried out at educational-sports activities and promoting social values touching on subjects such as bullying and school dropouts. Under the slogan of “sports, education, and culture” the Patinetero program consists of:
• Patinetero at your school
• Patinetero school
• Club Patinetero
• Skateboard Competitions
• Patinetero Calendar
• Patinetero movie nights
• Patinetero Festival and Anniversary

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