Paddle through Old San Juan


Imagine learning a bit of history in a different and fun way!

One of Puerto Rico’s commemorative tourism sites is El Morro in Old San Juan. Now you can see this historic fort from the sea.

The experience begins at the fishing village on Paseo La Princesa, where you jump into the adventure of paddle boarding. Whether in the morning or in the afternoon, you enjoy diverse views of the walled city.

This tour, in addition to being interesting, is beautiful and healthy. Contrary to what some people think, balancing on the board is not difficult.

This sport has been booming lately and it has begun to be practiced on the Island’s different bodies of water. While standing on the board you experience serenity and you enjoy everything around you from a different perspective.

During the run, many tourists, who were on land, enjoyed watching us, especially those who dared to do maneuvers on the board. So snap to it and experience something different, since the view of my Old San Juan from the water is amazing. This adventure was with the operator of Eco -Surf PR 787-557-9052.