Bat Parade


A 45 minute walk through a hilly area took us to a cave about 100 feet deep to observe an impressive natural spectacle: a bat parade. After a night surrounded by these mammals, gone was the thought that bats get tangled in one’s hair.

The show started around 6:30 in the evening, when the sun began to set and the first bats began to emerge from the cave. At that time we began to feel a slight cold breeze coming from the opening.

Before nightfall, we were lucky enough to watch a boa on the hunt. The boa was suspended from some branches attached to one of the walls at the opening of the cave, waiting for the right moment to feed itself.

A spectacle of nature exciting to behold, and feel, hundreds of bats flying around you while they come out to feed. It was a thrilling experience to be surrounded by bats while enjoying an incredible evening in touch with nature and the sounds produced by all the species that live there.

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