Tanamá is at Batey


Another amazing adventure. A little different, but a lot of fun. This adventure was in the wonderful town of Utuado where we had a great time.

We started the day early by wearing appropriate clothing and water, among other things. We had breakfast at a very pretty bakery in town where we met an elderly man who started telling us about his farm.

After that, we went on an adventure with the great Batey Ziplines Adventures. We were greeted at a very pretty little house where they talked to us about safety and handing over equipment.

Then, a walk toward the mountain. The first place we visited was a cave that was a bit small but was quite refreshingly cool after all the walking we did. Then we went to a cabin where we were greeted with fresh fruit and they put our zipline equipment on us.

We did eight different ones, and our guides taught us tricks to make the experience even more fun. The views were amazing and the most wonderful thing was that it did not end there.

My first experience descending a rappelling rope came later, and it was amazing. Then we went to the Tanamá River where we refreshed ourselves in a cold water dip. We also went on a suspension bridge that I just loved, especially since below it was a very pretty Puerto Rican flag.

Finally, we left the river and a bus fetched us and that really was an extreme ride. Upon arrival, we spent time with everyone and went out to eat. Honestly, being in Utuado, in the Tanamá River is one of the most interesting and entertaining experiences Puerto Rico has, and you should know that. This adventure was thanks to the operator of Batey Ziplines – 787.484.3860.