Buyé Beach: an Eden in the West


By: Paola Laracuente

The west of Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful beaches. In the town of Cabo Rojo we found a long coastline of white sand and crystal clear waters better known as Buyé. It is said that its name comes from a pirate known as Juan Bautista Buyé who lived near the beach.

Upon arriving there, you can find cottages for rent, restrooms, showers, and a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional food. It also has an area equipped for picnics and barbecues. It is a beach with little or no waves so it is ideal for family daytrips and children. Water sports are held there, such as snorkeling, jet skiing, and paddle boarding, among others.

It is in this area where we can also find nesting sites for green turtles, hawksbills, leatherback turtles, and, with luck, we can see manatees and dolphins. It is also great for watching a variety of birds. Some people who live in the area told us that if we walked to the left of the beach would find an area a bit less cluttered where we could better appreciate the heavenly landscape.

In some areas the water is a clear blue color, just like the sky. Its shore is so flat that you would think you were in a natural pool. Buyé is definitely a hidden paradise. If you imagine the perfect day at the beach, you’re probably thinking about a picnic on the beach. If you have not yet seen Buyé and its spectacular panorama, we urge you to visit it. Remember to always maintain and care for our nature, as it is our treasure.