Waves and Surfboards at Domes


The twenty-seventh edition of the Corona Circuit Extra Pro Surf Series O’Neill took place at the Domes Beach in Rincon, from March 6 to 8, 2015. The event promotes the practice of surfing in Puerto Rico. It was attended by more than 65 surfers from around the world.

The winner in the women’s competition was Quincy Davis, and in the men’s it was Asher Nolan, both Americans. The sub-champions were Chelsea Tuach of Barbados and Francisco Bellorin of Venezuela. Furthermore, the particiapnts with the best “performance” were given due recognition, and these were Venezuelan Rafael Pereira and Chelsea Tuach.

Note also the semifinalists in the female category: Alexis Engstrom and Emily Ruppert; in the male category: Gabriel Escudero and Michael Dunphy. The event was attended by hundreds of spectators and surfing fans, who enjoyed the competitions and the beautiful scenery of the town of Rincón. While some watched from outside the water, others were watching the competition from their own surfboards in the water. During the event, the importance of leaving the beach clean was promoted.