One of the extreme sports practiced in Puerto Rico is Windsurfing. It is a water sport that uses a surfboard attached to a sail to glide over the water. This sport came to Puerto Rico around the 1970s. To practice it you need the following equipment: sail, mast, universal, boom, board, keel, harness, and extension.

The types of competition are: Slalom, Wave, Indoor, Formula, RSX. As in any sport, safety measures are important. You must know the area where it is practiced. You should be accompanied. It is important to carry a whistle and be alert to changing weather conditions. The surfboard is very important and in more complex situations it can be a lifesaver.

Some of the best places to venture to this sport are the Punta Las Marias Beach in San Juan, Santa Isabel, Guánica, La Parguera, Jobos, Shacks, and Río Grande. On our island several events are carried out dedicated to Windsurfing, such as the PR Windsurfing Slalom Series, Formula World Championship, Ifka North American Course Racing Championship & Kite Cross, Puerto Rico Windsurfing Slalom World Series; all in the San Juan area.

Young Gabriel Gallardo has enjoyed the adventure of Windsurfing for ten years. He started practicing it at the age of eleven. During his career he has participated in the following events, at which he has also won several awards. He participated in the Puerto Rico Windsurfing Slalom Series, which he won. He earned third place in the Puerto Rico Windsurfing Slalom World Series.

He was also a champion at the Miami North American Championship IFCA Slalom Windsurfing in Miami and at the PR Tour Championship. Gallardo urges us to promote the WindsurfingPR page as well as the sport, so that Puerto Rico can become an international windsurfing destination.
We thank Gabriel Gallardo for his collaboration.